Flavoured Scented Phenyl

Flavoured Scented Phenyl

Customers who are looking for the high quality Flavour Scented Phenyl can contact us, Safai Care. We are a well known flavour scented phenyl manufacturers in Ranchi. Your manufactured phenyl is of the highest quality and is fit for cleaning purposes.

Features of Flavour Scented Phenyl

  • Our phenyl is medically approved to be used in homes and offices for cleaning purposes.
  • 100% safe product.
  • It does not contain any ingredient which causes damage to your tiles.
  • Since this is a flavoured scented phenyl, it leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.
  • This phenyl is a disinfectant floor cleaner. Hence, it is 99.9% effective to kill all microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Hence, makes the floor safe for kids.
  • Our phenyl is tough on all types of stains. Therefore, you can use it to clean any type of stain.

Visit our website to buy flavour scented phenyl online. We are among the leading fragrance phenyl wholesale suppliers in India.

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